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Standard Tune-Up


*Standard Tune-up includes inflate tubes, inspect tires, adjust headset, adjust Front and Rear Derailleur and shifters, replace cables if necessary, brakes, true wheels (not including replacement of broken spokes) clean and lubricate drive train.

Basic Labor Rate


*Mechanic may discount labor for tire changes when purchased with certain tires, tubes or with additional services purchased. Minimum labor charge of $15.00 to make it on the service rack.

Tube & Tire Changes

$7-$10 each

Tube and tire replacement prices based on wheel type and do not include price of parts.

Custom Builds

Prices Vary

Build your dream bike or simply bring a classic back to life. At Rotten Robbie's, we love getting bikes back on the road for many more miles! Check out some photos of the projects we've been proud to work on below:

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