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Rotten Robbie’s Cycling Club

It has been a long standing tradition here at Rotten Robbie’s to have weekly group rides during the warmer months, open to anyone interested in getting some exercise and just generally having fun on a bike.  Membership is free, anyone is invited to participate in these rides.  It doesn’t matter how fast you can ride or for how long.  No one will be left behind.  Rotten Robbie’s Cycling Club is open to anyone of any level of experience, interest, or athletic ability.  Just come out, have some fun, and have the opportunity to connect with people who share your interest in cycling. We are here for you.


Our Cycling Club exists to promote cycling for sport, fitness, competitive, and recreational activities in the surrounding Montgomery County area and beyond. We encourage any facet of cycling, whether you are into Road Cycling, Triathlon, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, BMX, Group touring, or just cruising around the neighborhood.  Participation in these rides is free and you need not call ahead or register.  Rides will be listed on the calendar section of this website, and be categorized as to level of each ride.


For those who feel more inclined to the competitive side of cycling our group rides are excellent opportunities to ask questions and seek advice on the subject. More intense training rides are available to those who wish to push themselves, expanding both their athleticism and knowledge of the sport.  Upper level riders and club members will lead various rides and offer free advice and expertise, and lead rides in their specific area of interest/expertise.  These riders may also offer personal training services for fee contracted independently of Rotten Robbie’s Cycle Sports.

Rotten Robbie’s Invitational Cycling Team


Accomplished riders may apply for a sponsored position on the team.   Sponsored riders will automatically be Club Members, and make themselves available as mentors to younger rider/team members that wish to travel to and participate in events at an entry level or even a “first timer”.  Benefits will be extended to sponsored riders based on achievement, and participation not limited to discounted merchandise and bicycle purchases, free racing jersey/kits, and entry fees.  The Rotten Robbie’s Cycling team is invitational, and beginning or novice riders are encouraged to join.  Sponsored riders will lead group rides, offer various levels of mentoring, and may offer personal training for a fee.  Sponsored riders will also mentor beginning racers and accompany them to Races or Triathlons to assist with their competitive efforts.  The ultimate goal is to offer an environment that assists and encourages beginners in feeling comfortable with travelling to and participating in events at the entry level.  Participate in group rides to get started, and speak with Rotten Robbie’s personnel about joining the team. 

Interested in joining?
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